Medical Students


CLMP and the University of Cambridge

As part of our commitment to medical education we regularly have medical undergraduate students. We are very fortunate to have fourth and fifth year medical students from University of Cambridge. They will often do consultations and examinations with the patients, but please rest assured that they are always under the supervision of an actual clinicians. The medical students are bound by the same standards of confidentiality and protection of your data as other members of the practice staff under the GDPR regulations.

When you contact us regarding your appointment, we will always for your consent to allow the medical students to consult with you, before speaking to the Clinician you are booked with. We would be grateful if you would provide your consent and give the medical students an opportunity take a history and do examination prior to speaking/seeing a clinician. However if you do not wish to speak to or see the students then do not hesitate to let us know. This will have no bearing on your actual consultation or treatment.

Fourth Year Medical Students

We have four fourth year medical students who have placement in general practice in two weeks rotations in three times a year. For a lot of them it will be the first time exposure general practice medicine and they will often speak to patients and examine patients in pairs. This is completely normal practice in undergraduate medical education. As always they will present their findings to a qualified Clinician who will then talk/see the patient.

Fifth Year Medical Students

We have four fifth year medical students that attend for placement at various parts of the year. They are often asked to speak to and examine patients. In addition to this they are asked to review and learn more about end of life care patient and therefore are often asked to do home visit and follow certain palliative care patients. This will only occur if the patient gives consent for medical students to be involved in their care.


CLMP and Angila Ruskin University

From 2021, the practice is excited to start having students from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). ARU remains a prominent local institution at the forefront of healthcare training at undergraduate and post graduate level.

Currently the practice will have first year medical students at the surgery. This will be for specific weeks of the year. They will be with us only on Tuesdays during those weeks. The students will be sitting in and observing how general practice works which will help with their overall understanding of primary care. As always we will always request for your consent to have students sit in before we begin your consultation.

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